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Let Me Be Free

Without Further Ado! My paper for English 2200 Replicating John Donne’s The Canonization with my poem, Let Me Be Free

Let Me Be Free

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed “The Canonization” by John Donne because of the wit and sarcasm evident in the poem. I like the whole thing where it seems like Donne is telling us that religion is interfering with love, not through the poem itself but through the content, while the purpose of the poem is different. The speaker seems to be speaking to an audience of opposition/disapproval of the relationship between him and his love; it almost seems like the church is the one and only, or at the least, the main target audience. My favorite part of the poem is lines ten through eighteen when the speaker is being snarky and confrontational with his desired audience. The tone of the lines when he says: “alas, alas, who’s injured by my love? / What merchant’s ships have my sighs drowned?/ Who says my tears have overflowed this ground? (Donne 10-12)” is very parallel to the attitude of a child or teenager would get when their parents don’t let them have their way. I think this may be the first academic poem that I thoroughly enjoyed because of how relatable, not necessarily in the situation, but in the voice and tone of the speaker, and the way that the speaker uses words, metaphors, and similes to convey his unhappiness with the audience. I think that when I read this poem I also see how it transcends time, and could be valid and accurate now, especially with all of the LGBT rights discussions and fights occurring right now. I also like that there is a serious element to the poem, especially when the poem shifts from line nineteen onward, about their right to love and dying for love, which is like the ultimate sacrifice. This poem could be used to say that they deserve love just like everyone else; their love hasn’t hurt or killed anyone, so why can’t they be free to love who they want. I think that is what the speaker is asking, where is everyone’s natural human right to be free to love whomever they please?

Let Me Be Free… Please?

For the love of all that is holy and mighty,

Let me be free of this swollen society.

That which is impregnated ten fold, by the

Corruption, isolation, discrimination, inequality, injustice.

How many people died, how many wars were fought for this,

For us to make progress, yet I digress here we are again. Pleas

Cried out to the heavens, a haunting, discordant harmony of voices

In anguish. The sky is completely dark, there are no stars upon which to wish.



Is the widdle man afraid of his strong, independent woman?

Does black threaten to consume white in all aspects of life?

Are all those millions of jail cells going to be lonely without their inhabitants?

Are we not afraid, no of course we’re not afraid, of that round bellied criminal in a three-piece suit and expensive Italian shoes,

Because his crimes don’t involve creating “obvious public strife”?

Is the only training happening now is you can talk later, but first you shoot.

Why is it that the poor and homeless become the elephant in the room,

“oh its their fault” “they should get a job”, these are the first causes we assume.



Oops there goes reality,

We livin’ in a brand new, different mentality

In this land of cotton candy fields and unicorn ponies

There’s not a chain in sight ‘cause, get this, all men are free.

Each and every kid is in school getting the same opportunities

To be the new and improved Mr. Three Piece Suite and Mrs. My Check Is The Same As His.

My brown and your white come together like the yin and the yang

Not the magnets that push away from each other because they realize they are the same.

There is no one begging and pleading “Let Me Be Free”

This is where every new reality was once a dream and a wish.



Thanks to gravity I am not back in reality.

But why must my fantasy and reality act like water and oil?

Why is this not an option? Is it because we can’t actually see

All of the blood of those who fought and died soaked into the soil

On which the “new” crimes we commit,

Are the same ones that we once promised to fix.

Come on America, how many times must the same words be written in history?

These four words that we are still screaming: “LET ME BE FREE

My poem this time is a very politically and emotionally charged one that sculpted after the “Canonization.” When I read the “Canonization” the first time, I mainly saw the humor, wit, snarkiness, etc. But as I continued to read it while writing this poem, I thought about how political and serious it was at the same time. My initial intent was to write something a little more lighthearted and sarcastic and witty, but what came out ended up being very snarky and serious. I have to say, I like the way I ended up writing because it is such a serious subject with everything that we are experiencing in America right now. When I thought about something that I was passionate about, something that would be worth writing a protective type of poem- which I guess is how I see the “Canonization”- I thought about how prominent our social justice issues have been since the Mike Brown incident. Even though it is heavier than I initially expected it to be, I think I also achieved the sarcastic attitude that the original poem by Donne had. I want this to be taken seriously, while still getting a few chuckles at the same time. I also noticed that there was shift in the “Canonization” that I also wanted to imitate, which is where I left reality for this dream world where things would be perfect, and I hope that that translates as well. I think I learned a lot from this poem, and honestly this may be the best, or at least my favorite, poem I have ever written. I learned that I can rhyme and do it craftily; and that I can come up with a good metaphor or simile every now and again. I really did enjoy writing this one though.


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