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Tragedy, Terror, Loss, Victim, Crime, Violence…

You Know,

I was already planning on writing an article on the Stanford Rape Case because it really has been getting to me lately, I can’t express to you what it is about this one case that was killing me but every time I logged into my Facebook account and saw one mention of this case I became heartbroken and enraged at the same time. Now I must write an article about what is going on in general, this week, and the past couple weeks, I’ve seen so much about the Stanford Rapist, then Christina Grimmie, and now this terror attack at Pulse.

It’s getting really, really… really hard to control my emotions; I’m struggling to keep myself from crying as I write this right now. Sometimes, It’s hard to feel as though your guilt and feelings may only be rubbing salt in the wounds because you don’t have a direct connection to those who are suffering. I am a female, but not one who has been assaulted or defiled or violated in such an inhumane way, I was not a fan of Christina Grimmie, I didn’t even know who she was until her story came up, and I am not apart of the LGBTQ community; but I am someone who has pledged my life to being an ally to those who experience social injustices, and I’m just a human being who has a heart and who hurts everytime a story comes up with any one of the words in this article title.

I don’t want to make this about me, I don’t want to take away fro those who are actually suffering or afraid for their well-beings because of the events that have transpired, or come to light, within the last couple of weeks, but I do have to say SOMETHING, something that is so inconsequential and doesn’t help but needs to be said.

I am so sorry. I am so disgusted. I’m afraid of our country, of what our people are becoming, of what the [our] future will hold, and of my not being able to do anything to make a difference. (I’ve lost the battle with my tears and snot at this point). Being a part of this society is so terrifying, so I can only imagine what it is like for others who may have been affected by any of these events, or any events that I haven’t been made aware of.

I know that saying sorry and praying at this point isn’t going to do much good, so now I ask what can we do to make an impact? We do so much talking and so much posting about things, but how do we turn this into action, into progress? I feel like i’ve learned so much about social justice and injustices but still feel the disconnect between that and actually doing something about it.

Everyone cries for policy, but what policies can make people not hate, what policies can make people voice their frustrations in a beneficial, non-violent, therapeutic way? What policies can reconstruct our way of thinking and of living to where we can live in some semblance of peace and harmony rather than tension, chaos, and disconnect?

How can we get those two thousand plus people who liked that Turner family page to realize what he did was a disgusting crime, and no matter who he was before he made those decision, the split second it took him to make them changed him?

How can we make it so that people can’t arm themselves to the teeth and then just walk up to someone and open fire because they felt it necessary?

How can we make it so that someone doesn’t murder 50 plus people and injure 50 plus more because he disagrees with their lifestyle, or simply their choice of party that night?

This is a cry for help ya’ll because I’m drowning up to my eyeballs in thoughts, research, etc. trying to figure out how to make this shitty place we call home a better place for my nine year old sister and my children and her children and so on and so forth. We as a people need to come together and figure this shit out. We don’t need to be totally accepting of things if we don’t agree with them, but a little bit of tolerance would go a long way and a lot of tolerance could go the distance.

Can we teach the next generation about tolerance, acceptance, love, and humanity. That not only is humanity what sets us apart from animals, but it is the thing that tells us that each life is precious and has a path, a plan, and an impact to be made that we shouldn’t interfere with.

This article is completely not what I set out to write, I wanted to write a well thought out, logical argument with data and scholarly articles, etc. But my emotions are running over with the unnecessary, violent, tragic loss of life, happiness, etc. that is occurring and continues to occur in our society. Can we please find some sort of common ground?


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