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My American Idol Favorites

Hey guys! I got some new music for ya and it’s all from Americon Idol Season 14!

I must say that this is a huge thing because I have never before been interested in watching American Idol. I happened to stumble upon the Hollywood Week auditions while doing homework with my friends in the basement lounge of your residence hall. The first person I saw perform was Jax and I absolutely fell in love with her sound, so I continued to watch and loved how much bluesy and soul filled voices there were in this season. As I continued to watch the show I fell in love over and over again with the stories and voices of these people trying to make their way into the music business.

I think my absolute favorites have to be: Jax, Clark Beckham, Adam Ezegalian, Rayvon Owen, Daniel Seavy, Quentin Alexander, Tyanna Jones. They all just have something so unique in their voices that reaches out to the musician in me and squeezes my heart.

For Jax, its that unique little twang in her voice that I can’t really explain but you know exactly what I’m talking about when you listen to her; and omg her rendition of Toxic by Brittany Spears instantly had me hooked on her sound. I love the fact that she’s my age and doing something so momentous, and she kills it every single time. She is a beautiful person, she tweets me on twitter (OMG fangirling) and is so humble by the experience, yet we just love her because of what her music does for our souls.

Next is Clark Beckham, Lord Mr. Beckham has literally stolen my heart from me. He is the sweetest, most attractive man I have seen that can belt out those soulful notes like he does. His voice reminds me of the days when my mom would be cooking in the kitchen while having her Oldies but Goodies playing on the tv surround sound in the living room, filling the whole house with Motown and beyond. There’s not much more to say than I want him and his voice, lol, he just does outstanding every time and the sound is like warm honey on a sore throat. (LOL these analogies aren’t making any sense probably but i’m making them anyway because they sound cool)

Then we have sweet, sweet Adam Ezegalian. I am all about team poofy here, he just has this soul/rock voice that is very unique on this show and unlike anything I’ve ever heard; like his voice could just transcend genres and he’d be perfectly find and still kill it. He goes on stage and does his thing and has fun, and it makes you laugh and have fun with him, but then you have the way that he sings his songs that can catch you off guard and just blow you away.

HEYY!! Let’s talk about my fellow Virginian, Rayvon Owen! To say that this man has such a powerful voice is an understatement. Its not powerful in the sense that he belts and pushes it but because of his range and technique and skill, it is just too much to handle. He does ballads like no one else on this show and I absolutely love him for it, and lord when he hits his falsettos, chills is the only word that comes to mind. I have heard him do no wrong to date and I expect him to keep it that way, not to mention his style is the bestest.

Aw, Mr. Daniel Seavy is so adorable. He is attractive for his age, and he has a nice, sweet, soothing voice that could just put me to sleep. I root for him because he’s so brave to be doing something like this so young and he just has the charismatic air around him that makes you want him to succeed no matter what he does. He also has his own style that he puts on his songs that just adhere you to him because of how different and soothing it is.

OOoo Quentin Alexander! So, I didn’t really pay much attention to him until hollywood week, not because of him but because I didn’t see any of the auditions and they didn’t give him any airtime, and I’m so glad I found him. I took notice because of their spiel with his jacket and his style so I definitely paid attention, and when he opened up his mouth to sing a song I had only heard a few times but liked, I was automatically hooked. Again, he has this soul/jazzy/ something unique quality in his voice that I just can not get enough of.

Ms. Tyanna Jones!! I was drawn to her because of her story. I definitely know how it is to go without, not to her extent, but seeing someone so young go through so much pain and try to do something to get out of that situation resonated with me. Then she started to sing and omg, she sounds like she was from another time, so sophisticated and soulful. Everything that she has done from hollywood week forward has been amazing and I am so happy that she has continued on in the show. I truly love her voice and that vibrato, her style- musically and fashionably- and I love her courage and determination to do what she feels must be done for her family.


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