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How I Experienced 5 Different Cultures in 5 Hours

Yesterday I went on my very first exploration of NYC without ending up in Times Square and I have to say it was my favorite trip into the city to date. I found myself not going to the city much after the first few months of the school year because I was disappointed with the quality of the trips, and wanted to find the more “cultural, artsy” parts of the city. I realize that this was because we would only venture out to Times Square, which is really on great when you’re a tourist or need to do some shopping. Yesterday, I had a project to do with two other people from my DNY class. At St. John’s were required to take a Discover New York class so that we can better adjust and acclimate to the speedy, forever busy, city that never sleeps. I didn’t think that this class would be particularly important, but now I realize why the school wants all of it’s freshman to take it. We were tasked with comparing two neighborhoods in Manhattan that were right next to each other, and compare the architecture, food, culture, people, and style. My group chose Chelsea Market and Hells Kitchen, and we also ended up hitting the Highline, Columbus Circle, and Central Park. There was so much culture, great food, and just overall fun that we had yesterday because each neighborhood/area was so different from the last yet still offered its own flavor of fun.

Chelsea Market proved to be a house of eclectic, eccentric, quirky, and very beautifully cultured businesses, eateries, and art. I loved the environment and the beauty of the building itself. There were also these photos of african children dressed for whatever job or industry they wanted to enter into in their adulthood and it was just the most beautiful art I’ve seen in a while. The food was great, Lord the food. I sampled from Specialty Pies, The Doughnuttery, and Amy’s Bread, and I have to say it was all worth the money. This is the best place to go if you want to experience truly different food that is like comfort food plus fine dining plus cultural food, etc.

20150321_12330920150321_124539 20150321_13261020150321_131151

Hells Kitchen was definitely all food and fabulousness. Where people in Chelsea market were dressed comfortably and very animated about the things that they were trying, the people in Hell’s Kitchen were a lot more refined and to themselves, and immaculately dressed. We ended up at an authentic Greek Restaurant and the food was amazing, the restaurant itself was immaculate, and the service was something special (The guy filled two water glasses at once with the dopest trick I’ve ever seen in a restaurant.

20150321_143852 20150321_144248 20150321_154309

The Highline was really something special because you could see what it once was, mingled in with what it has come to be. It offered great views to look out over the busy streets of Manhattan, and peaceful places to sit and reflect on the beauty of the water and the park itself. It was definitely a moment where I thought, I really love college and the fact that I get to live here; this city is really beautiful beyond words in my opinion.

20150321_140231 20150321_140219 20150321_140139_HDR 20150321_135441 20150321_135301

Columbus circle was a short stop and one of the places that took me back to middle school/my underclassman years in high school being obsessed with Gossip Girl and their haunts and adventures. And then right next to it is the infamous Central Park, which we still have not gotten to experience much of because it was so large, where I climbed large rocks and took pictures overlooking the park and the buildings just outside of this green city reprieve.

20150321_155135 20150321_154628 20150321_155722 20150321_160120


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