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IPrevail Band

My Featured Artist of the Week is…….. IPREVAIL!!!

So, I am so in love with this new band right now. They are very unique to the hardcore/post-hardcore genre because they have two vocalist; one specializing in singing vocals and the other in screaming. There sound is so good, like the difficulty of the music being performed must be praised. Also, their lyrics are something that could translate to any genre and I think that that is great. When I listen to some hardcore bands you would never imagine the song being in any other genre.They have some songs, like My Heart I Surrender, that I could see being like an R&B song or a Country song. Heart vs. Mind, could even go Pop lol. Overall they have a great sound and great lyricism and vocals so you should check them out. The link to their youtube is:

One of my favorite sounds from them isn’t their song but extraordinary nonetheless because they play to the vibe and lyrics of the song. It’s Taylor Swift’s Blankspace and you can listen to it below:

Next is called Enemy, it is my one of my favorites from their new album Heart vs. Mind:


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