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My name is Tashina Ferguson and I am a student at St. John’s University hailing all the way from Virginia. There were always things that I cared about most in life, those things were: being successful, being productive, music, and most recently developing my writing. I figured that New York was the best place for me to become successful and productive, so this is where I chose to come for college; and also what led to the creation of my blog. I am really afraid of putting my work out there but am desperate for feedback and constructive criticisms to help me grow, so I will post some of my work, whether it be finished or I am stuck and need some help being moved, and see what you guys throw back at me. I really created this blog as another means of experiencing and documenting growth in my life from 2015 onwards.

Updated on 6/16/15: I want to introduce to you all the reformed Extraordinary Adventures of Tashina in NYC!

My blog will now be called The Prism Viewpoint. The inspiration for this name came from the fact that I see myself as being multifaceted and having different specialties and those elements obviously influence how I see the world. I want to show those off in my blog, and they being: my fictional author side, my political/law enthused side, and my social justice/ally side.

Instead of just getting rid of everything I have done to date I will try to consolidate to make room for new pages. I will put any photos and music under one page as extras in case anyone wants to view them or pick up new music, because who doesn’t love that? I will continue to publish my own writing pieces because those are important to me and I want to share them with you all; I also hope that the things I write will inspire people or that they will be able to learn or relate to them even though they will be works of fiction.

I will also be posting more about current events going on in our nation, and the world; this is to benefit myself as well as my readers. I have come to realized that over the years I have come to not pay attention to what is happening outside of my day to day world, and that is a dangerous thing, so I will be commenting on things I have found and will open those opinionated posts up to discussion, because I learn talking to and learning from people who have different opinions and viewpoints than I do.

Finally but not least, I want to post more about social justice events/happenings that I think are important and that I want to comment on. Since being in school as an Ozanam Scholar, and going to Puerto Rico, I’ve come to realize how much being an ally to others who suffer from social injustices, and just trying to make the world a better place really does occupy much of my day and my personality; and I want to share with others in the hopes that they will want to become allies as well.

Other than that, there will be a new look and headliner, but that is the update on the blog update. I hope you guys will still want to read and I think all of my readers for rocking with me, as usual, and I hope that you all continue to return.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you continue to come and talk with me and be a welcome part of my growing experiences.

Tashina Ferguson


2 comments on “About

  1. TJ
    February 10, 2015

    your blog looks great! i’ve always wanted to live in NYC. i’ve only been able to visit once when i was about 12. I hope to go back soon though. it’ll be great to see the city through your eyes! ~The TJ Blog


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