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One Word Challenge/ What’s Happening Update


So, I owe you guys a huge explanation for why I have not been active for so long, but first I would like to apologize. There has been A LOT going on and I just couldn’t bring myself to write and be active on here, which is something that I deeply regret; but this is a new learning experience for me so I’m going with the flow.

There’s two months of One Word Challenge updates that I’ve missed and so I will try to cover everything in this post. First off, in July, I began to worry and get nervous because it was crunch time for my preparation to leave home for my study abroad experience. As someone who doesn’t have a lot, I started to get very anxious about how I was going to survive four months so far away from home in a country I knew little about, in a culture I knew little about, and with limited funds. I needed new clothing because they don’t dress in Europe like we dress in the United States, and my job was kind of slow, so there was just a lot going through my mind, hence my absence from the blogosphere. If you followed my Facebook though, you’d know I was far from off the grid, it is just a lot easier to be politically active and vocal on Facebook when all it takes is a share and a few words. (If you’d be interested in seeing what I share and post on Facebook add me as a friend! Tashina Ferguson)

August was it, I was leaving home on the 13th and I was kind of freaking out. A week before I was set to leave I was hospitalized and was out just in time for me to depart. I had a few infections that had spread and they wouldn’t let me out until they figured everything out. While it wasn’t a situation I wanted to be in, I am thankful it happened when it did because I’m not sure how that would have went if i would have been hospitalized in Europe. I’ve been in Europe for just under 3 weeks and its been great. I am truly enjoying myself, while still worrying about finances, but still just thinking how thankful I am for this experience.

In the academic realm, I made the deans list, have been nominated for a Leadership national honor society and an honor society at my university for have a GPA upwards of 3.7. I’ve been proactive in that I’ve been trying more than I ever would, especially since I’m in Europe experiencing different cultures, and also in that I’ve been making plans and goals for my academic career and will be working towards fulfilling those to the best of my ability. Most of all I’m trying to put myself out there, outside of my comfort zone, and its disconcerting but worth it all the same.

‘Til next time,

Love Tashina


One comment on “One Word Challenge/ What’s Happening Update

  1. mariaholm
    October 8, 2015

    I guess you are somewhere in Italy? What do you study? It seems like a good experience you are in just now


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