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Ehhh…. PROMPT?


I am supposed to write a writing prompt, or write a response to my very own writing prompt. So, In the spirit of the post that I literally just made like 5 minutes ago: quick develop a character in 300 words or less. Let me know what your story is that you would put this character in and what the character’s role is in the story. Shoot, throw in a google image of what you imagine the character would look like, or not. I just wanna make this kind of fun.

My character is going to be Rachelle Hound:

  • Race/Ethnicity/Nationality: Puerto Rican and Black
  • Height: 5’8
  • Hobbies: singing, people watching, reading, working
  • Relationship Status: has a crush, never had a boyfriend, painfully single
  • Academic Career: 3.9 GPA, wants a 4.0, at school on scholarship, first person in family to go to college, wants to make it big
  • 19
  • Creativity is her passion
  • Narrow/close-mindedness aggravates the hell out of her
  • Isolation, whether it be hers or others’, makes her feel angry
  • She is mixed so she has natural, curly, shoulder-length hair
  • Skin tone is a mix between chocolate and caramel
  • High cheek-bones
  • Dark brown eyes
  • She has the best posture, because she doesn’t want the people around her to see anything of who she was before college, to see where it is that she came from
  • She is very serious and uptight about a lot of things because she is so focused on succeeding
  • She can be very emotionally detached when it comes to things outside of school and work
  • Her speech is very articulate, though when she isn’t around peers or coworkers she has a Spanish lilt, which was her family’s first language and what she spoke at home.
  • Her voice is very smooth with a little husk
  • This is a romance/ambition type story
  • She would be the protagonist
  • Her jaw flexes when she is aggravated or nervous
  • Even though she is only a sophomore in college, she managed to land this awesome internship at a law firm and has been cut throat to be successful in the hopes that she will have a job when she graduates

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