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Happy Birthday To Me!

SO! On January 30, 2015 I had a very important birthday. Not because I was turning an important, or staple, age but because of what was different on this day this year.

On the day of my 19th birthday I experienced some things I will experience from now on but never had before. This was the first birthday that I was spending away from my mother. Now, I always went out and did things for my birthday so don’t think its anything like that, but before I went and and when I got back my mom was always sitting there waiting to talk to me and hear about my day. This didn’t happen today because I am in college now and I reside 432 miles away from my home in Hampton, Virginia. This wasn’t an odd development, but it was more so strange to me in the fact that I wasn’t seeing my mom or my family on my birthday for us to go through the routine together. It was definitely an experience to say: “you’re not at home anymore, you’re not a little girl anymore, things are changing for you and this is just one of the many.” I guess I just didn’t realize how different my life in 2015 was going to be from how it was in 2014. Nevertheless, I am truly thankful for being able to be in the place that I have longed to live in for a long time now.

This was also my first birthday experiencing in the greatest city in the United States, New York City. If I would have known a few years ago that I would be celebrating my birthday in NYC, I think I’d be too excited because the thought of it is so dope, but I don’t know how much I would have believed it. Well here I am, and yes I did. I had a great time, even though my plans didn’t go the way they were supposed to my birthday still happened. I think that was something that was unique to NYC; if I was at home and my plans fell through that would have been disastrous because: 1) there’s not many things to do in my city and 2) everyone has to drive everywhere to get there so it would have been hard trying to figure out something else to do. This year, karaoke ended up being a no go so we just switched things up a little and went right on our way, something that I was so happy about because that one plan failure didn’t ruin my night.

More Reasons:

  1. It was also great because of the people I spent it with. I felt like I was creating a moment with the people that would be with me forever. People that I live and work with, and people who truly accept me for who I am. Something, I have to say, you don’t really get to find as a teenager in Virginia.
  2. My outfit was so on point, I don’t think I’ve ever felt that good in an outfit on my birthday. I really wanted to emulate this 90s type of feel and I feel like that happened thanks to the bomber jacket I bought from Forever21 and my timberland boots.
  3. It snowed on my birthday and I saw the actual shape of the snowflake!!!

Overall it has been a great weekend, we had some fun on Saturday evening too, and I am just thankful to God for allowing me to experience things as they were this year. Thanks to everyone who participated and everyone who’s reading about it. Maybe you’ll be with me next year?! I feel like I’m Finally doing me.


Tashina Ferguson



2 comments on “Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. johncoyote
    February 4, 2015

    Happy belated birthday wishes. Good to meet you. Writing is a great skill to have. Writers can leave their mark upon the world. Need the truth to be left for the next generation. Maybe they can do better.


    • tashinadenise
      February 4, 2015

      thank you so much! I look forward to developing my skills and following others. Thanks for the “welcome” into the world of writers lol.


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